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Behavioural skills for all employees.

Gold Award World Media Festival 2016

We all loved the Workplace Essentials which were very entertaining but also very informative.


Video Arts Workplace Essentials are designed to help every employee. In 36 short, sharp videos and 11 e-learning courses Good Manager and Bad Manager guide the learner through the essential skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Starring Robert Webb, Helen Baxendale, Tom Bennett and Lucy Liemann.

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30 Ways

30 Ways To Make More Time:

Managing your time effectively

Time management With James Nesbitt. Most people think they are efficient; but unless they know how to manage their time, it’s unlikely they will ever be fully effective. Using memorable and engaging characters in many different situations, this video highlights the right and the wrong ways of doing things.


Stress And Delegation:

I don't have time for this

Delegate. Communicate. Avoid isolation.


Stress And Exercise:

Beat stress with burgers?

Take exercise and allow yourself time for relaxation.


Stress And Prioritisation:

Running around in circles

Establish priorities. Manage your time.


Constructing A Budget:

I feel a Ferrari size bonus coming

Set standards. Forecast sales and spend. Count costs. Be realistic.


Controlling A Budget:

Give or take. Here or there...

Review. React. Revise.


Co-Ordinating A Budget:

Have you any idea how much that costs?

Consult all departments. Negotiate.

Jamie's Kitchen

Jamie’s Kitchen: Fifteen Lessons On Teamwork:

The four stages of team development

Part of the two-part Jamie’s Kitchen training series this video and e-learning course follows Jamie’s young trainee chefs as they move through the four stages of team development – forming, storming, norming and performing to come together as an effective unit.

Making time

Making Time:

Priorities, people and procedures at work

Help employees make the most of their time. This highly motivational drama focuses on three essential elements of time management in a practical, down-to-earth way that is easy to remember: prioritising and planning, dealing with people, and working procedures.


Prioritising Your Time:

Train time is game time

Plan your day. Set realistic deadlines. Anticipate problems.


Time Management And Interruptions:

Distracting Dennis

Deal with people. Deal with interruptions decisively. Act assertively. Limit phone time. See others as a source of support.


Time Management Tips:

When wearable office organisers go wrong

Organise your work. Do difficult things first. Cut the clutter. Complete one task before moving to the next.

Case Studies on Teamwork

The Apprentice: Case Studies On Teamwork:

Learn how to work as part of a team

How to perform in, or lead, an efficient, effective and successful team. Pitching and presenting an ad campaign shows how successful teams are both effective (doing the right job) and efficient (doing the job right). A common purpose, a clear objective and a clear sense of direction, are needed if the enterprise is to succeed. The five key qualities of an efficient team are examined.

Balance Sheet Barrier

The Balance Sheet Barrier Animation:

The basics of business finance

Get to grips with the basics of business finance. Starring John Cleese as the clueless company director and Dawn French as the streetwise owner of a small factory, this light-hearted programme helps take the fear out of financial documents.

The Ultimate Stress Show:

Managing stress

A host of stressed characters, in a multitude of scenes, are guided by a Guardian Angel through an eight-point plan which includes: getting your priorities right, considering needs and workloads, communicating clearly, learning to say ‘no’ and being flexible.

The Power Of Behaviour:

I could do without you today

Behaviour breeds behaviour – the way people behave is usually dictated by the way you behave towards them

Use Behaviour To Help An Interaction:

The least important person in my life

You can use your behaviour – to HELP a transaction, VISUALLY by greeting people and using their names – VISUALLY with an attentive look and gesture

You Can Choose How To Behave:

Like hell I am!

You can choose your behaviour – your behaviour is not something you are born with: it’s something you choose every time you deal with people – how you choose will help or hinder every transaction

How To Support Your Apprentice:

Let me tell you something, embryo - this town's gonna eat you alive

Even ‘ignorant’ interns possess useful knowledge, it’s your job to find it. Today’s junior employee is tomorrow’s senior employee – they will remember who helped them to get there. Set their expectations, be approachable and interested, help them learn, and learn from them.

How To Be A Colleague:

What can I say? I'm a multi-platform communicator.

Don’t be a millennial stereotype. Be present in meetings, and spend face to face time with colleagues it’s the original social networking!

Don’t Believe The Myths…:

Are you sure this is a real Millenial?

Don’t expect everyone to conform to their generational stereotypes. Just because you’re a digital native, it doesn’t mean you’ll be fast to adopt new technology, and vice versa. Most people want the same things from work, regardless of their age.


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