Why it works

“He who laughs most, learns best.”

John Cleese

Laughter and learning are natural partners.

People learn best when they’re involved, engaged and entertained. And academics have churned out endless, dull, research papers – that are bereft of humour – to prove it. But, let’s spare you ‘the science bit’. We use famous faces from the world of comedy coupled with scripts and scenarios laced with unexpected twists and memorable humour.

  • We do this because laughter inspires engagement.
  • Engaged learners remember what they have seen.
  • And adopt these lessons into their workplace behaviour.

“The Video Arts approach, it’s like real life but a bit bigger, a bit faster, a bit brighter.”

Femi Otitoju, Subject Matter Expert

The Challenge Consultancy

It’s not all LOL – our experts

“All psychologists tell us, if you want people to remember something, you make it a little bit humorous and a little bit outlandish.”

Terry Gillen, Subject Matter Expert

Consultant and Author

Of course, we’d be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn’t admit that it’s not all LOL.

Laughter and learning need to buddy up to produce the desired effect.

Which is why behind our light humour lies a heavyweight team of subject matter experts.

Go on, try it: we think you’ll love it!