“It takes months to find a customer … Seconds to lose one.” – Vince Lombardi

Customer Service & Sales

At a glance:

88 Video assets

250+ Learning lessons

88 Interactive micro-courses

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How we help:

Don’t be just another sales person…

From first impressions to after sales; consultative sales to closing sales, these courses use humour to ensure anyone who interacts with customers will understand how to create brand advocates from lost causes.

The line-up:

The art of selling

Closing and controlling sales

Consultative selling

Succeeding with difficult sales

Understanding customer needs and objectives

Communicating effectively

After sales processes


Customer types

First impressions

The power of behaviour

Learning outcomes:

Explore ways to make the shift from a transactional to a consultative sales culture.

Develop strategies to drive sales excellence by identifying client objectives, handling objections and adapting your approach.

Understand the role that speaking and listening play in controlling a sale.

Help your team to understand and fix leaks in the sales funnel.

Understand simple and effective ways to encourage brand loyalty.

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