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Start releasing the potential of your people today with our brand new e-learning courses. Entering the lineup (via the red carpet of course) we have 33 brand-new micro courses covering 7 new areas of content

If we do say so ourselves, they’re pretty spectacular. See for yourself below…


Everything your organisation needs to know to support neurodiverse employees, including courses on Autism, ADHD and dyslexia.

Collection it’s in: Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Protected Characteristics

Explore how to build an inclusive workplace environment that supports the key protected characteristics – trust us when we say you’re gonna wanna see the costumes in this one…they’re wild! 🦁

Collection it’s in: Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Psychological Safety

Discover how to ensure employees perform at their best without feeling their worst by building a psychologically safe culture at work.

Collection it’s in: Leadership

Human-Centric Leadership

Develop better leaders by putting people at the centre of your organisation, from building a sense of belonging to learning how to embrace mistakes.

Collection it’s in: Leadership

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability doesn’t always get the best rep when it comes to the fun factor, but these courses are far from boring! Take a trip back in time to see how move your workplace forward to a greener future…you’ll see what we mean. 

Collection it’s in: Health, Safety & Compliance

Caveman and woman

Men’s Mental Health

Joining our stigma-breaking mental health collection, a focussed course around men’s mental health and how to encourage male colleagues to feel comfortable opening up.

Collection it’s in: Mental Health & Wellbeing

Artificial Intelligence

Robots taking over the planet?! Not on our watch! Help teams supercharge their productivity by embracing AI as a support to everyday working.

Collection it’s in: Workplace Skills

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