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People learn nothing when they’re asleep and very little when they’re bored.

John Cleese

At Video Arts we believe that learning should be fun, easy and accessible. We think that you can change the way people behave at work if you engage them emotionally with entertaining content.

Welcome to The Home of Video Learning

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Award Winning

World Media Festival Award 2016 Award
Learnx 2016 Platinum Award
IELA Honourable Mention 2016
Sliver Cannes Corporate Media and TV awards 2016
Gold New York Film Festival
Gold Award World Media Festival 2016

I think we should shout nice and loudly about the Video Arts videos as they are brilliant…

Travis Perkins

Ever since we were founded by John Cleese and Sir Antony Jay in 1972, we’ve set out to make the most entertaining, memorable and effective learning in the business.

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Interested in...VideoE-learning Courses
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