“Management is your ability to hide your panic from others.” – Lao Tzu

Management & Talent

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72 Video assets

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72 Interactive micro-courses

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How we help:

Make managers the reason employees want to stay in their roles for longer.

The role of a manager is constantly changing and evolving, and with it the required skill set. From behavioural interviewing, to absenteeism, this collection explores the tactics and communication strategies behind bringing out the best in managers and their teams.

The line-up:

Behavioural interviewing


Being a leader

Dealing with absenteeism

Difficult conversations

Managing discipline

Motivating your team

One-to-one training


Learning outcomes:

Provide an essential skills kit for all managers, new and existing.

Understand the tactics and behaviours that develop managers from good to downright inspirational.

Understand the importance and use of SMART targets to achieve objectives.

Build confidence in identifying and managing problem behaviour and under performance.

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