Cross Cultural Communication

“People with higher cultural intelligence make better decisions”

Soon Ang

In a nutshell:

Business culture around the world differs greatly, and if you are to succeed in building relationships, working in different regions, or even just visiting a foreign office or colleague, it is important for you to be competent in dealing with the cultural differences.

Perfect for:

  • Getting to know your own cultural type and that of other team members
  • Adapting your communication and behaviour when dealing with people different from you
  • Setting clear objectives and building trust within cross cultural teams

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“It’s not an extraction process, it’s a creative one. You build it!”

How to build trust

Good to know:

  • 5 video chapters
  • 17 learning lessons
  • 2 e-learning courses
  • 70 minutes of learning content
  • SCORM & interactive video formats
  • Embed our videos in your own courses
  • Spanish, German, French versions and many more

Why laughing and learning work:

People learn best when they’re involved, engaged and entertained.
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Our ‘Cross Cultural Communication’ collection

Topics covered:

  • Managing cross-cultural teams
  • Cultural types
  • Communicating cross-culturally

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