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“Leaders create a CULTURE around their goal and involve others in that culture.”

Seth Godin

In a nutshell:

These snappy, bite-size video and e-learning courses explore the good, the bad and the ugly of leadership.

Each introduces an essential leadership skill, from crisis management to emotional intelligence. Humour is used to encourage engagement and aid learning as topics such as team development, staff retention and developing a coaching culture are explored.

Perfect for:

  • Developing creative, inclusive and influential leaders
  • Creating a firm understanding of how career development, team dynamics and employee retention intersect
  • Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence in effective leaders
  • Gaining insight into why a coaching culture is needed – and how you can introduce one

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“Why don’t we sign off on this and go have a Martini?”

Everyday Learning

Good to know:

We’ve had to get a new trophy cabinet for the awards that this hugely popular collection of videos has won. These include the World Media Festival’s Best e-learning Design Video and LearnX Live Award’s International E-Learning Award.

Why laughing and learning work:

People learn best when they’re involved, engaged and entertained.
Discover more about our longer lasting learning.

We don’t bite! Speak to our team about using laughter as a learning aid.


Our ‘leadership skills’ collection

Topics covered:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Crisis management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Everyday learning
  • Ethical leadership
  • Implementing an everyday learning culture
  • Leadership sins: what to avoid
  • Practical leadership tips
  • Team decision making
  • Team development

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