It’s not all famous faces from the world of entertainment and funny jokes that make our resources so effective. Nor is it just the world-class production team who ensure our learning resources win so many industry awards.

Behind the scenes – and in front of the camera – we call on a team of learning and development experts who shape our content, adding depth and insight to all our learning points.

Here are just a few of the big brains and big names who add pedigree to your learning.

Dr Hazel Harrison

Clinical psychologist bringing psychology out of the clinic and into everyday life.

Terry Gillen

Best-selling author on workplace relationships and communication.

Femi Otitoju

Leading authority on tackling equality and diversity issues in the workplace.

Clive Shepherd

Workplace learning and development specialist and influential next generation blended learning solution designer.

Oliver Burkeman

Award-winning psychology columnist for The Guardian and bestselling author of books on ‘happiness for people who can’t stand positive thinking’.

Steve Martin

Author and business columnist, Steve is visiting professor of behavioral science at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business and is the CEO of Influence at Work (U.K.)

Michael Gates

Associate Fellow of the Saïd Business School, Oxford University and Vice Chairman of Richard Lewis Communications. He is an internationally recognised teacher and writer on cross-cultural management, and a regular speaker at corporate and government events.