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Bespoke video and animation – tailored to your requirements.

With 50 years of experience creating highly engaging, award-winning video, animation and e-learning content, we’re the experts you can rely on to create something special to meet your exact requirements.

Looking for something to fit a unique learning need?

  • Looking for advice and consultancy to create your content?
  • Looking for licensed content or development support for your in-house team?
  • Or simply want someone you can trust to create the whole kit and caboodle from scratch?

We’re happy to help.

We are really pleased with the finished products and were very impressed by Video Arts’ expertise, production values and professionalism

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Behind the scenes

Our team includes subject matter experts, writers, animators, film directors and instructional designers who live and breathe producing learning content that is highly engaging, effective, original and uniquely yours. And we need to keep them off the streets somehow!

You want it your way, at VA: You’ve got it!