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Project and change management

“Those who plan do better than those who do not plan, even though they rarely stick to their plan.”

Winston Churchill

In a nutshell:

These snappy, bite-size video and e-learning courses explore best practice in project management and implementing change in your business.

Each video uses humour to introduce concepts such as processes for managing projects effectively, ways to identify and recruit advocates for change and understanding emotional responses to transformation.

Perfect for:

  • Developing strategies and tactics to improve the efficiency of projects
  • Understanding how best to project manage internal teams
  • Ensuring quality control is built into your processes
  • Exploring the skills and behaviours needed to implement business change
  • Identifying resisters to change and finding opportunities to convert them into advocates

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“What has change ever done for us?”

Managing Change

Good to know:

Why laughing and learning work:

People learn best when they’re involved, engaged and entertained.
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Our ‘Classic’ collection

Topics covered:

  • Change
  • Living with change
  • Managing change
  • Managing projects and processes

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