collections Unconscious bias and diversity

Unconscious bias and diversity

“Diversity is being invited to the party…..Inclusion is being asked to dance!”

Femi Otitoju

In a nutshell:

These snappy, bite-size video and e- learning courses use humour to engage staff as they explore the important themes of diversity in the workplace.

From identifying unconscious bias – and addressing it – to understanding why we embrace and promote diversity, discover how your staff can practise inclusion at work.

Perfect for:

  • Introducing ways to identify unconscious bias
  • Understanding the practical steps you can take to change your biased behaviour
  • Exploring how a supportive and inclusive culture can be developed at work
  • Discovering the many benefits that embracing diversity brings for all

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“If you have a brain, you have a bias.”

Unconscious bias

Good to know:

Among the trophies and awards this collection has won are the Best in Category Grand Award at The World Media Festival Gold, Best e-learning Design Video from LearnX Live Awards and an Honourable Mention at the International e-learning Awards.

Why laughing and learning work:

People learn best when they’re involved, engaged and entertained.
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We don’t bite! Speak to our team about using laughter as a learning aid.


Our ‘Unconscious bias and diversity’ collection

Topics covered:

  • Inclusive leadership
  • Respect and inclusion at work
  • Thinking of others
  • Unconscious bias
  • Workplace diversity

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