Fire, Toast And Teamwork

Introducing Team Role Theory

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Help people analyse the composition of their own team to increase team effectiveness and performance.

Fire, Toast and Teamwork is an engaging programme, designed to set out and explain Team-Role Theory. The film introduces and explores Dr Belbin’s Team Roles through animation and then illustrates them in a more traditional case study, where we see a team in action.

Fire, Toast and Teamwork gives course participants an understanding of the nine different team roles, so that they can identify the useful behaviours which they and others display. The extra content takes an in-depth look at each of the team roles in turn. Advice is provided on how best to play each role and how to manage and work with people who have that role.

The programme culminates with a Q&A session with Dr Meredith Belbin himself. This provides a rare opportunity to gain real insight into the whys and wherefores of Team Roles.

The programme is accompanied by a facilitator’s guide, including handouts and slideshows, as well as helpful suggestions for potential workshops and exercises. Fire, Toast and Teamwork is ideally suited to any trainer or organisation passionate about teamwork and keen to understand its importance in maximising potential.

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