Celebrate What’s Right With The World

How to have a vision of possibilities

Celebrate what's right with the world

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Do you have a vision for your organisation? More importantly, do you have one for yourself? One that gets you excited every morning and keeps you open to possibilities? Too often we get caught up with a limited view of the world, which directs us to finish first at all costs, beat the competition and live the law of the jungle.

This documentary-style programme uses stunning photography toshow what a powerful force having a vision of possibilities can be. Dewitt Jones is one of America’s top professional photographers. In his twenty year career with National Geographic, Dewitt has lived the vision of “celebrating what’s right with the world”. He found that the creative tools he employed as a photographer could also be applied directly, and more profoundly, to his personal and professional life.

The programme provides practical guidelines for applying seven key concepts which will help us choose to believe in brighter possibilities, even in the face of critics and challenges. Dewitt assures us that we can see them once we believe. And when we believe, we connect with a vision that opens us to possibilities and gives us the courage to soar.

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