Video Arts launches ten new e-learning courses on essential customer service skills

Customer Service Essentials line-up

Customer service training needs to be quick, engaging and effective, so people can learn without being off-the-job for too long

Martin Addison, CEO of Video Arts

Video Arts has launched a new series of ten e-learning courses on customer service skills, highlighting how to better understand customers, meet their needs, resolve problems and provide after sales care in person, online and over the phone.

Each Customer Service Essentials interactive online course lasts around 30 minutes and features three or four short ‘trigger videos’ that demonstrate the learning points using the humorous Video Arts ‘wrong way, right way’ approach. The courses include activities to help learners reflect on their own experience; practice questions to check their understanding and a memorable infographic to help employees apply what they’ve learned.

“Customer service training needs to be quick, engaging and effective, so that people can learn the necessary skills without being off-the-job for too long,” said Martin Addison, CEO of Video Arts. “Our new e-learning courses are specifically designed to meet this need and to help people deal more effectively with difficult customers. The characters, scenarios and humour in the courses all combine to get learners emotionally involved. This means they’ll not only enjoy the content, they’ll be able to remember and apply what they’ve learned.”

The Essentials Series

The 10 e-learning courses feature 32 micro-learning videos that are available separately. These complement the Management Essentials and Workplace Essentials resources, launched last year by Video Arts, bringing the total Essentials range to 102 videos and 32 e-learning courses.

“We now have a complete collection of micro-learning videos and e-learning courses covering essential management, workplace and customer service skills,” said Martin Addison. “We also have our classics library of video and e-learning resources, so we can offer the flexibility that organisations need, to provide the right learning content for every employee and support informal learning.”

The ten new customer service e-learning courses are: Customer Types; First Impressions; Communicating Effectively; Advising The Customer; Customers On The Phone; Online Customers; The Power Of Behaviour; Service For Sales; After Sales and When Things Go Wrong. Featuring Mark Heap, Tom Bennett and Javone Prince, the courses are available online in a responsive design format, for learning on any device.

The Video Arts Management Essentials resources cover issues such as leadership, teamwork, discipline, motivation, performance reviews and recruitment. The Workplace Essentials resources cover key skills such as self management, communication, dealing with stress, negotiation and presentations.

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