Straight Talking

The art of assertiveness

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Looking for tips on assertiveness? For the same great content, just a little more up-to-date, take a look at Assert Yourself, starring Kris Marshall.

Or, for a micro-learning approach, the Workplace Essentials Body Language and Assertiveness has it covered.

About Straight Talking

The basic rule of assertive behaviour is honesty. The thing that usually prevents people behaving and speaking with honesty is fear of the response – however, this fear is generally exaggerated.

With dramatic sequences and subtle humour, techniques of assertiveness are delivered in a powerful, convincing fashion, shown in action in a series of different settings from a management meeting to a one-to-one conversation between colleagues.

Particularly suitable for junior management, sales personnel and purchasing staff, this programme is highly reassuring for anyone who has doubts about volunteering what they think – even when asked to do so.

It also demonstrates why aggressive behaviour doesn’t work in the long run and why it’s important to establish a negotiating position and stick to it.

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