Why L&D professionals shun eLearning: Top three turn-offs

Why L&D professionals shun eLearning: Top three turn-offs

1. It’s not engaging enough
2. It’s too expensive
3. We’ve not got the IT infrastructure to support it

These are the top three e-learning turn-offs coming to the fore as our 2015 Learning Index gathers momentum.

Learning Index 2015

Our Learning Index project is asking hundreds of L&D professionals across Europe to help us create the first definitive study for the industry in 2015. We’re just getting started and things are changing fast, but with 200 L&D professionals contributing to our study to date, some of our first, provisional findings are already raising an eyebrow.  For instance:

One in four participants say they don’t use e-learning courses to deliver training now, and nearly half of this group wouldn’t even consider using e-learning in the future.

So what’s stopping over 1 in 10 L&D leaders deploying e-learning in the workplace? Turn-off number one is e-learning’s failure to create genuine and meaningful interactions. Whether it’s second rate course design or an inadequate engagement strategy, over half of the L&D professionals that shun e-learning say it just doesn’t promote powerful enough interactions across the workforce.

Next up in the top three turn-offs is the perception that commissioning e-learning courses is too expensive and that the company’s IT infrastructure isn’t rigorous enough to support effective learning online.


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