Why choose video learning?, Video Arts

Why choose video learning?

If you had a full-time job in the 80s, you probably remember watching a corporate video that included a monotone instructor, bright pantsuits and big hair. Video has been a compelling training format for decades and is still one of the most-effective platforms for disseminating L&D content.

But for today’s YouTube generation, video training needs to be created quicker and in more-digestible formats. Classic film cameras and green screen studios are being replaced by mobile devices with tripods and motorised gimbals.

Video learning continues to increase, according to research from Learning Index 2018. Our annual study of the video and e-learning market found that 84% of learning professional use video as there preferred digital content. Alongside video, 44% use interactive video.

In 2019, we can expect to see even more of this ‘guerilla’ film production (a form of independent filming making), with high-end features with interactivity that will be distributed on mobile devices and applications for easy accessibility.

Video training is a great medium to support corporate learning — video learning continues to grow as it is the preferred medium of learning and development professionals for supporting micro-learning, connecting with Millennials, and expanding mobile learning options for employees.

From our 2018 Learning Index we asked 300 learning professionals what they thought the advantages of using video are:

Why choose video learning?, Video Arts

Learners are becoming harder to reach, and have less time for learning and development. However, technology allows you to reach them with effective and engaging videos.

Video Arts is an award-winning e-learning provider, renowned for delivering corporate training in an entertaining and memorable way through video.

Written by
Nene Udofot

Nene Udofot

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