Why Adopt Microlearning?

What are Soft skills and why do we need them?

Quick and easy to deliver

Microlearning courses cover any subject that regular eLearning courses can, but in a bite-sized format. This allows you to respond faster to the ever-changing goals of your business and new training demands, while also supporting the employee’s need to access information when they need it most. Given their small size, microlearning assets can be easier and more affordable to produce and to maintain, making life easier for both trainers and trainees.


Microlearning lets learners select and use assets that are most relevant to their current work needs on whatever device is most handy. Perhaps they’re getting stressed over GDPR, a quick, engaging training video can easily sort that. The learner-driven nature of microlearning increases engagement and improves job efficiency. Furthermore, as learners are able to personalise their training experience, they are more likely to apply knowledge on the job and seek out future training opportunities.


Microlearning assets are compact and compatible nuggets of training, enabling learners to easily invest the time needed to use them in an on-the-job context. It enables learners to enjoy more casual learning, whenever they have some spare time and, because courses are small, they’re easy to download and take with you when offline so you can literally view them wherever you are in the world.


The delivery of each microlearning asset can be adapted according to the content required. You can create games, videos, infographics or whatever works best for your employees to help create a rich variety of training experiences and increase learner engagement.

Engaging and boosts knowledge retention

According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, learning in bite-sized pieces makes the transfer of learning from the classroom to the desk 17% more efficient. It suggests that text-heavy training courses are not ideal for studying in short stints, while small chunks of self-contained content that can easily be returned to time and time again are not only more engaging but are more likely to make an impact and be remembered.

Microlearning is the most engaging training delivery method available but don’t just take our word for it, why not give it a try? Video Arts is an award-winning e-learning provider, renowned for delivering corporate training in an entertaining and memorable way through video – contact us to find out how we can help you incorporate microlearning into your company’s training infrastructure.

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