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What are Soft skills and why do we need them?

According to the latest World Economic Forum Future of Jobs report, despite advances in technology, soft skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and people management are still among the most important skills required in the workplace and learning these skills will help future-proof our careers.

Furthermore, a study by Boston College, Harvard University, and the University of Michigan has found that soft skills training boosts productivity and retention by 12% and delivers a 250% return on investment based on higher productivity and retention.

Here we break down the top five soft skills which should be a part of your L&D training programmes to help your employees succeed at work, enabling your business to thrive.


The ability to communicate is probably the most important soft skill as it sets the tone for how people perceive you and helps build relationships with co-workers. It is also an essential aspect of leadership, since leaders must be able to delegate clearly.


Having a positive attitude and the initiative to work well without round-the-clock supervision demonstrates reliability, commitment and the ability to fit into an organisational structure without the need for constant oversight.


This soft skill shouldn’t only apply to those directly managing others as it can demonstrate an aptitude for both self-motivation and motivating colleagues. Leadership is often thought of as a collection of various other soft skills, such as a generally positive outlook and the ability to communicate effectively.


Knowing when to accept responsibility for your mistakes demonstrates a healthy level of humility, as well as a willingness to learn and progress. It is a highly-valued soft skill that is often overlooked.


Working in a team requires perceptiveness and the interpersonal acumen to know when to be a leader, and when to be a listener. Good team players are receptive to the needs and responsibilities of others.

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