New Video Resources Help Employees to improve Cyber Security

This course consists of a series of engaging activities, statistics and naturally video content with our tried and tested approach of using humour to bring learning to life.

Cyber Security delves into how you and your teams must protect the vast amount of information stored electronically. Subjects addressed include hackers and fraudsters, phishing emails, social media, protecting hardware and software and working in public spaces.

Video Arts collaborated with cyber experts Appsecco to create a set of credible learning points based on the latest thinking around the subject. Gwilym Lewis, CEO of Appsecco said “As a technical specialist we’re very clear that the path to better Cyber Security is to make it as accessible as possible to non-technical people and help them understand that making even small changes in their behaviour will quickly lead to better Cyber Security overall.”

Martin Addison, CEO at Video Arts, said “No one wants to be the person who allows company files to be hacked or compromised. Topics around compliance at work are notoriously difficult to deliver in an engaging and entertaining way, so we hope this course will also save users from yet more boring compliance content.

Previews of the new course and the complete range are available here.

About Video Arts: Video Arts is famous in the Learning and Development industry for creating engaging and memorable video learning. This award-winning company supplies learning services and content solutions including: video, micro learning, bespoke production and a learning experience platform.

About Appsecco: Appsecco is a specialist application security company providing industry leading IT security solutions that are firmly grounded in commercial reality. Its services cover the entire software development lifecycle, from advising on how to build and foster a culture of security within development teams and organisations, to reviewing and advising on the security of applications and associated infrastructure under development, to providing rapid response and advice in the event of a security breach or incident.


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