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Mind Over Splatter – Health & Safety Attitudes

There are many traps for those whose attitude is amiss. Whether you’re surviving the zombie apocalypse or just surviving daily grind of the office, the consequences of having the wrong attitude to safety can be deadly!

In this new content, you’ll meet the Zombusters team and see how complacency, rushing, distractions, and unfamiliarity can get the better of us, and how to avoid these mind-traps.

Safety is more than warning signs and handrails – it is an attitude of the mind.

Every day we literally get closer to the end of the world. How about this fun fact: any minute now, a solar superflare could engulf the earth in technology-destroying radiation, plunging us into a new dark age! Luckily, unlike the inevitable fiery destruction of our home planet, we can take action on health and safety. It’s all about taking care of the little things so they can’t come back to bite us later.

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