Medtronic: managing change, Video Arts

Medtronic: managing change

It’s about changing attitudes: making people aware that their happiness at work is in their own hands.

Video Arts in conversation with Hugues Gervais, Senior Director

Your organisation has seen quite a lot of change in the last year or so?

When we recently acquired a new part of the business – Kyphon – we faced a lot of cultural clashes. In many ways both organisations were similar: both were focused on improving health for patients and both had very similar values and vision. However…Kyphon was a very young, flexible, dynamic company. There were bound to be some difficulties moving into a more process driven, conservative organisation. It was also affecting behaviours and we noticed an increase in people not being very motivated.

And the solution?

I decided to run an event that would bring people together and allow them to reflect on the changes that were happening and give them the sense that it was within their own power to make the changes work for them and their teams.

Why did you decide to use the FISH! Philosophy?

I read the FISH! Culture trainer manual and it was exactly what I needed so I searched the web and that’s where I found Video Arts. My entire objective was about managing change and re-motivating people…it’s about changing attitudes: making people aware that their happiness at work is in their own hands. They can moan about something or they can take action and change the way they work.

Were you pleased with how the session was run?

Yes, I was very pleased. The Video Arts facilitator was great and the delegates were very happy and excited about it all. Now we’re working hard to keep up the momentum following the event and to track our progress.

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