International Organization for Migration

Video Arts has helped the IOM deliver consistent and memorable learning on performance review, and general management tools throughout the organisation.”

-Liliana Mircescu, International Organization for Migration

In 2006, IOM launched a new system to help develop staff performance and needed to find a way to communicate this new process to their staff. They also wanted to use new learning methods, both to explain the purpose of a performance review and to demonstrate the desired behaviours.

IOM decided to use an e-learning programme as it would be accessible to more of their offices worldwide as the quality of connectivity increased. It would also be a more flexible way of managing learning time, as well as offering excellent monitoring and tracking.

They chose Video Arts’ Performance review because of the well-structured and memorable content, and also because it covered the point of view of both the appraiser and person being appraised. IOM asked Video Arts to customise the e-learning for them so that the soft skills learning could be linked to their own processes, guidelines and forms. This added learning value, and helped the process be adopted within their organisation.

IOM were particularly impressed with Video Arts quick response in coordinating with their provider for the integration of the new product on the existing platform.

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