Global professional services firm chooses Video Arts e-learning for consistent cross-border training

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We’ve tried different e-learning suppliers but nobody can match the combination of learning and humour that Video Arts achieves

Charlotte Gibbs, Talent & Learning Co-ordinator at Maitland

Maitland Group, a global provider of legal, tax, fund and investment advisory services, is using our new series of e-learning courses to provide consistent management and interpersonal skills development across Europe, the United States and South Africa.

“Our staff work in teams across borders, practice groups and jurisdictions to meet client needs, so it is essential for our success that different people in different countries with different expertise all cooperate and work productively together,” said Sonia Pimm, Talent & Learning Manager at Maitland Group. “The Video Arts e-learning courses enable us to provide engaging and consistent training, to make this happen. They cover areas such as communication, team development, performance reviews and self management. The courses have universal appeal as the humour cuts through any cultural differences.”

How Maitland use Video Arts content

Maitland employs 863 managers, technical professionals and support staff in 13 locations, including lawyers, accountants, investment fund experts and administrators. All staff have access to the 22 online courses in the new Essentials series. These courses highlight effective management and workplace behaviours, in short learning bites, to help employees reflect on and improve the way they interact with colleagues. The courses star famous actors like Robert Webb and Helen Baxendale and provide around 30 minutes of content covering four elements: look, think, practise and remember.

“The new Essentials courses are concise yet very thorough and their combination of video and interactive exercises appeals to different learning styles,” said Charlotte Gibbs, Maitland’s Talent & Learning Co-ordinator. “Our staff have always enjoyed Video Arts content and these new courses deliver the same high production standards in a fresh and absorbing format.”

Maitland also uses 30 of the Classic e-learning courses to train specific soft skills topics in more depth. Like the Essentials series, these courses use video to demonstrate the learning points using our trademark ‘wrong way, right way’ approach. Users are invited to reflect on how they’ve been affected by similar situations before they’re tested on their understanding of the concepts presented.

“We’ve tried different e-learning suppliers but nobody can match the combination of learning and humour that Video Arts achieves,” said Charlotte Gibbs. “The use of famous actors in well-scripted scenarios makes their courses hugely entertaining and the humour makes the learning points more effective and more memorable. Everyone understands the character traits being shown and our staff appreciate having a more engaging approach for their soft skills training.”

All of the Video Arts e-learning courses can be used on any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. They can also be used offline via an app.

“It’s very helpful that out staff can access the learning content on any device,” said Sonia Pimm. “Many of our professional staff travel between offices and to clients, so they value the ability to access training from any location.”

“They didn’t just give us the courses and leave us to get on with it,” said Sonia Pimm. “They help us with marketing, for example by showcasing relevant courses for specific topics and by creating e-mail templates. We get regular updates on which courses are proving most popular and they’re in constant touch to ensure that everything is okay and that the courses are being used effectively. As a result, the take-up of the e-learning courses has been excellent and our staff are giving extremely positive feedback.”

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