GFM UK – Engaging a Diverse Workforce


GFM are an ambitious facility management company that are passionate about engaging their diverse workforce. We spent some time with Justin Stone, the Development and Wellbeing Manager, who is responsible for the continued development of GFM staff, whether it be soft skills, wellbeing initiatives or compliance training.

GFM wanted to invest in engaging micro learning content to support the needs of staff as a ‘just in time resource’ – we were delighted to be their partner of choice.

We want a diverse range of clients, so that means we need a diverse workforce.

Diversity is good for business. With it being so high on their learning and development agenda, GFM partnered with us to raise the profile of diversity within the organisation. The Video Arts Play platform allowed the team to quickly roll out award winning training on areas such as unconscious bias, workplace diversity and the difference between banter and bullying. As with all our collections, the learning points are designed by leading learning experts so they drive real behavioural change. Click HERE to learn more about Femi Otitoju, our subject matter expert for diversity.

Key to our success with GFM was how we then pushed this content out to people. We achieved this together in four ways:

  • Utilising the mobile app within the platform, so staff could watch content anywhere and on the move
  • Creating a client success plan – Video Arts created customised email campaigns and features such as video of the day and course of the month, to promote relevant content at certain times of the year
  • Incentivising usage by creating a leaderboard system, complete with badges and points – all awarded for successful completion of content. GFM also tied attainment to real life rewards, like vouchers
  • Establishing success – We worked with Justin and the team on monthly usage reports on a group and individual level, all embedded within the platform, allowing the team to celebrate success with their users

We know people are engaging with Video Arts as people are laughing.

Any new learning initiative needs to have a positive impact and quickly.  Learning teams usually get feedback in two ways – they run usage reports to check attainment and they also are given anecdotal feedback from staff on what learning people are enjoying or perhaps not enjoying.

Using humour in our content is a unique approach Video Arts have used since our inception in 1972 and is something Justin noticed as soon as he rolled our library out; people were laughing at their desks! Laughter is good for productivity and ensures you create an emotional attachment to the learning and therefore, are more likely to both remember and act on it. This type of feedback is crucial for any learning team in getting user buy in from day one.

GFM have seen unprecedented engagement and usage on their platform, with their success story resulting in a change in structure in the business – senior management now allocate at least 30 minutes per week to all employees to dedicate to their own personal development. This type of progression is testament Justin’s achievements and GFM’s on-going commitment to their people.

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