Evans Cycles – The Evolution of Digital Learning, With Lewis Read

The Challenge

Evans Cycles are Britain’s leading independent bike shop – delivering high-performance bikes, the ride to work scheme and everything related to the bike industry. The challenge for Lewis and his team was to deliver personalised training to over 1,000 staff members across 50+ store locations. Evans partnership with Video Arts has allowed them to deliver high-quality content on-demand, at the point of need for their learners.

One of the main reasons we went with the platform… is the relationship we have with Video Arts

Lewis Read, Senior Retail Trainer at Evans Cycles

THE Solution

We worked in partnership to develop a customised Learning Experience Platform named Veloversity, pre-loaded with a large library of Video Arts award-winning content, on topics such as Management and Leadership, Unconscious Bias and Communication, right through to GDPR training.

One of the things our clients regularly feedback to us is how dynamic our platform is for delivering engaging content. This includes the ability to create, curate and edit their own content through the integrated authoring tool. Our new interactive video feature, complete with the option to create branching videos, is another innovative way of keeping learners engaged.

As Evans deliver a range of services and products with changing demands based on season and location, They needed to create and tailor the learning available to people. This resulted in a powerful and diverse library of curated video and e-learning resources.

It allows us to deliver concise learning to a wider audience, in a quick time.

How has the approach evolved?

Evans journey has developed from a more traditional paper and classroom based training environment to a digitally focused strategy fully integrated into Evans Cycles. By utilising the gamification features on our platform, Lewis and his team have been able to create and measure seasonal incentives for development opportunities. This has increased buy-in from their audience to complete learning activities that are directly linked to the commercial aims of the business.

It’s easy to use from both the user and the content curators perspective.


Custom gamification; based on a fun points, badges and social learning system, enabled Evans to create 4 levels of attainment up to ‘Veloversity Zen Master’. For Evans, achieving their top-level of engagement means earning 2,000 points or more, which is equal to completing 75-100% of the content available.

The result of our partnership has been that 33% of staff attained the highest engagement level and over 85% are actively using the platform, allowing the learning and development team to retain talent and drive business performance.

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