CarShop drives competency-based learning with video

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People can dip in and out of the online courses as needed, so they don’t have to be away from the workplace for long periods.”

Natalie Hersey, HR Manager at CarShop

CarShop, the UK’s leading car supermarket group, has introduced 24 of our online video courses to help all levels of staff develop nine core competencies. The group’s in-house training team is also using video clips from our ON>DEMAND platform to improve the effectiveness of its classroom training.

CarShop has chosen a personalised library of video learning, covering sales skills, customer service, diversity, health & safety, leadership, motivation, team building, recruitment and performance management. Employees at CarShop will be targeted with different video learning depending on their job role.

“The Video Arts online learning resources will help our 420 employees to perform at their best, without having to wait for a scheduled classroom programme to develop their skills,” said Natalie Hersey, HR Manager at CarShop. “We’ve identified specific courses for specific roles, so anyone who wants to progress their careers can see which courses they need to take and they can invest their time in self-directed learning to help them reach the next level.”

CarShop’s in-house training team will use clips from 12 Video Arts training films to further enhance the classroom-based training programmes they deliver in each of the group’s six branch locations in England and Wales.

Natalie Hersey said: “The video clips enable us to show clear and memorable examples of right and wrong behaviour. People remember learning points that they’ve seen and heard in a video clip better than they’ll remember something that they’ve just been told. We’re using the Video Arts ON>DEMAND platform, so it’s very easy for us to make our own clips from the Video Arts films or use the ready-made ones.”

CarShop’s trainers can also use the agendas and exercises in the Video Arts support materials to deliver classroom training out-of-the-box. “The Video Arts films come complete with everything you need to run a training course, so we can use these support resources to quickly develop a bespoke classroom programme from scratch, with very little effort” said Natalie Hersey. “We’ve already created a new programme on coaching for our managers by doing exactly this.”

CarShop claims its blended approach will enable its staff to maximise their potential by developing the required competencies and addressing any individual learning needs that are identified in performance appraisals.

“We’re now even better equipped to provide customers with the very best car-buying experience from start to finish,” said Natalie Hersey. “The Video Arts online courses and training films suited us down to the ground because they’re all well produced, they cover our core competencies, everybody relates to the famous faces in the resources and the humour really adds to the appeal.”

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