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BT – Flexible delivery

I have just finished collating the feedback from the participants…which was said by one guy to be ‘the best customer oriented’ training I have had in over nine years working for BT.

Brian Walshe, Consultant

With over 100,000 people in 50 countries, the challenge for BT has been to find a way of delivering consistent learning to its large, diverse workforce so that everyone plays their part in ensuring BT is recognised and differentiated as a provider of world-class customer service.

BT has used the FISH! Philosophy as part of their people engagement programme, ‘My Customer’. FISH! is also used to highlight that by changing behaviours and processes, people can enjoy their work and become more successful, whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction, profits and the company brand.

The FISH! module of the ‘Connected’ programme is streamed via the BT Intranet, reaching people all over the world, as well as being delivered via DVD in individual sessions. By streaming FISH! BT has increased the accessibility and consistency of learning for its people.

“I have started coming to work in the mornings in a more positive frame of mind. I seem to be able to deal with difficult and new situations more calmly now and find that I achieve better results” said one learner, Kal Chauhan.


  • Understanding of BT’s strategic aims increased by 20%
  • Employee Engagement Index scores increased: on average by five points per team
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