The AI Revolution: 4 Ways to Enhance Your Learning and Development Strategy

In the wild world of learning and development, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as the hot topic. But what does this actually mean for learning programmes? Will the robots reign supreme, or is the outlook a little less sci-fi horror movie than that?!

In this article , we explore the pivotal role AI can play in shaping learning experiences and, of course, reveal how Video Arts is here to save the day. Brace yourself for an insightful journey through the acronym-packed realms of AI and L&D…

On The Decks: Personalised Learning Precision

Personlisation in learning is always high on the agenda for anyone working in L&D, and this is one area where AI is about to become your best friend. Imagine AI as a sort of learning DJ, spinning personalised tracks for each learner’s brainwave. With the right tracklist of engaging, hilarious content to choose from (wink wink, nudge nudge…), AI has the potential to make your learning programmes both more efficient and more enjoyable. After all, why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach when you can have a bespoke, tailored-to-you, Gucci suit of knowledge?!

Top Tip: Embrace the diversity in learning styles and let AI do all the hard work for you. Tools like Filtered can be used to curate bespoke experiences for each learner that map business critical skills to learning and resources within your programme. The result? A learning environment that caters to individual strengths and preferences in the most efficient way possible.

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Predictive Analytics: The Digital Wizard

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to foresee how well learners will perform before you’re six months into a training programme, so you can make adjustments accordingly? Well, let’s dive into the mystical realm of predictive analytics, where AI transforms into the Dumbledore of data, foreseeing the future with the wisdom of a thousand fortune cookies. It’s like having your own personal psychic, but instead of a crystal ball, it’s a dashboard of behavioural data that knows more about your learners than you do, revealing who’s destined for greatness and who might need to double down on their caffeine intake…It’s not Hogwarts, but it sure feels like it – minus the flying broomsticks, of course.

Top Tip: Before diving head first into the realms of predictive analytics, utilise the analytics tools you already have by making sure they are fit for purpose. Take a deeper look into your existing LMS and determine whether it has next gen reporting. Doing this will help enable your organisation to develop training programs that meet evolving business needs proactively, opening the door for AI to enhance learning outcomes.

The Roleplay Circus

Without getting too ahead of ourselves, AI isn’t the only fish in this pond. Like the ringleader of an educational circus, AI is opening the door to more efficient use of Augmented Reality (AR). While AR is far from new, with the help of AI’s mega brain of data analysis showing us each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, AR can enter the ring, bringing with it more hands-on learning approaches and roleplay opportunities. In this circus, AI is the clown that makes calculus look like a balloon animal.

Top Tip: Embrace the change and use AI to optimise content within AR and ensure a seamless integration of technology into the learning experience. For example, ChatGPT can be used to orchestrate virtual conversations and roleplays, giving learners the opportunity to practise in an interactive workspace that’s safe and controlled.

Elevate Your Learning Content

And so, we arrive at the grand finale, where AI and engaging content walk into an educational bar and the punchlines are as sharp as the students’ no. 2 pencils. Of course we’re going to say this, but for all the many strings to AI’s bow, it can’t make boring content any less boring (someone had to say it, sorry). So, it’s key that you get that bit right…Luckily for you, Video Arts is the home of learning that sticks.

Top Tip: Once you’ve used some of the AI tools mentioned above to finesse your learning pathways, you can easily embed our videos into your programme using our iFrames delivery method – simply choose where you want the content to sit, copy and paste the iFrame and voila!

To Conclude

The integration of AI is poised to redefine L&D practices, ensuring a holistic and effective approach to learning. Although the sheer magnitude of AI’s capability can perhaps be a little daunting, the key is to harness its potential to enhance your existing learning solutions. Of course, content is king! So giving yourself a strong foundation of engaging and informative content to work from is at the core of using AI to really make a difference to your learning strategy. For that, we’re the ones you want to be collaborating with 😉

Combining the joint forces of (real, not AI-generated) famous faces, humour, TV-quality production, and bitesize microlearning, our content is the magic ingredient that will set your learning programmes aside from the rest and captivate learners to influence positive behavioural change.

Get in touch to book your free trial today and see what we mean!

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