A Toast to All The Bad Bosses (because you probably are one)

There’s the swaggering, over-confident one who blames their mistakes on their team and steals their praise. Then there’s the one who wants to be your best mate in an embarrassing effort to ‘get down with the kids’. Not forgetting the out-and-out Machiavelli who still believes that keeping his minions in a state of permanent, paralysed fear demonstrates authority.

And yet the worst thing about the Bad Boss is that there’s a little bit of one of them in all of us. That’s why (according to the findings from our 2018 Learning Index) Leadership and Management top the list of training topics that L&D managers want to focus on this year. In fact, Video Arts has existed for the last 46 years because all of us have a little bit of Bad Boss in us. Now all we need to do is expunge them for good.

So, here’s to the Bad Boss and his/her demise.


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