A to Z of Video Learning

A to Z of Video Learning

Whether you’re looking to introduce a video learning library in your organisation or want some tips on producing your own films. Let Video Arts help you with an A-Z of everything on video learning.

Don’t misread them. Many L&D Managers have died metaphorical deaths from not thinking about how their audience would react to their video. Are there any defining characteristics of your audience (age, job function, location…) that should influence how you deliver your message?

You can’t change someone’s personality, but you can help them think differently about the impact of their behaviour. Video allows complex ideas about human behaviour to be put across in a short space of time in a way that your learners are more likely to remember and apply back in the workplace

Don’t blag it. Know your subject; or make sure someone else does. Think about the learning you’re trying to get across and find a subject matter expert to validate them. But, remember a subject matter expert’s job is to know the subject; they’re not always the best person to write engaging dialogue.

Psst over here…Do you want the full A-Z? Of course you do, download it now.

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