4 Leadership Skills Every Leader Should Have

Ah, leadership skills – the magic potion that transforms mere mortals into those legendary “leaders” everyone talks about. But let’s face it, folks – not all leaders are created equal. Some are outstanding, while others, well, let’s just say they make us wish for an invisibility cloak. So, brace yourselves as we dive into the enchanting world of leadership and unveil the four essential leadership skills all leaders need to rise above mediocrity and create a real impact on your business.


Communication is the backbone of leadership skills; it’s like a rock-solid foundation beneath a towering skyscraper. But let’s not be fooled by this seemingly simple skill. True communication is more than just a monologue or a string of memos; it’s about active listening, clear messaging, and creating an environment where everyone’s voice is heard.

As one of the most important examples of leadership skills, communication serves as the cornerstone for building strong, successful teams and achieving organisational goals. When leaders can articulate their visions and goals clearly, it fosters a sense of purpose and direction among team members, and can even lead to a 25% increase in productivity (we rather like those odds!).

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Emotional Intelligence

Perhaps the most talked-about of all management and leadership skills, emotional intelligence is a biggie. As if leading a team of people to greatness wasn’t enough, leaders now have to consider people’s feelings?! Whatever next… But in all seriousness, emotional intelligence is one leadership skill that has rapidly gone from a nice-to-have to an absolute essential – employees with emotionally intelligent leaders are four times less likely to leave their jobs, and those who effectively yield its power perform better in everything from giving feedback, to spotting new talent. A good one to add to your leadership training programme…

Decision making

Ever had the painstaking back and forth of the age old ‘where do you want to go for dinner?’ conversation? Common answers include ‘oh I don’t mind’, ‘I’m easy’, ‘anything but pizza, I’ve had it twice this week’ – none of which are helpful in actually making a decision. In situations as life-or-death as these, you need a decisive leader! Someone who can look at the end goal and make an informed decision, often under pressure, that will be best for the group. Making decision making a core part of leadership training for managers is key to ensuring leaders of all levels know how to unite a team towards a collective goal – a true hero, if you will.

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With an ever-changing landscape of business challenges to navigate – changing budgets, employee retention strategies, or which cocktail-making class to book for the Xmas do – adaptability is the secret weapon of leadership skills that truly future-proofs your leaders. In fact, a study by MicKinsey & Company found that companies with capabilities in both adaptability and resilience are better able to absorb shocks and turn them into opportunities for capturing sustainable, inclusive growth. So, if you were wondering how to improve leadership skills in your organisation, adaptability is the one you want to play the long game and ensure managers are equipped with the right leadership skills for success.

Now, you may be wondering why we’ve summoned you all here…sadly, we won’t be doing a Poirot and dramatically revealing who in fact stole the last piece of birthday cake from the fridge (it was Steve by the way). Instead, we’re here to tell you that funnily enough, all of these essential leadership skills are covered in our award-winning Leadership Essentials. From emotional intelligence and ethical leadership, to creativity and innovation, decision making and crisis management – our Leadership Essentials is made up of 37 leadership training courses designed to equip leaders with all the leadership skills they need to succeed . So, if you’re looking for some solid leadership training to add to your leadership training programme, look no further! Get in touch to book a trial of our award-winning, bitesize content!

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