Selecting The Perfect Team

Utilising internal and external resources

Selecting the perfect team

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Based upon Dr Meredith Belbin’s credible team-role theory, this programme, part of a three-part series, provides support for managers involved in selection. Belbin’s research indicates that fewer recruitment disasters arise when managers search for people within their own organisation, since these people are likely to fit more readily into existing teams.As this humorous drama unfolds, it highlights that eligibility of candidates does not necessarily mean they are suitable to fit into the team. Impressive qualifications, sparkling track records, glowing references and dynamic interview techniques may be red herrings.

Managers will learn to identify the team role required to balance the team. This means looking at internal, as well as external candidates, even though they may not at first appear eligible. By following this simple-to-follow and memorable technique, managers will avoid costly recruitment decisions, and select better, more suitable candidates. The programme complements recruitment and management skills training.

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