Does The Team Work?

Improving effectiveness through teamwork

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In today’s competitive environment people are busier than ever before. It is therefore essential that they really understand their role. This programme, based on Belbin’s workset model, looks at the performance of the team aboard a science fiction-style space freighter, which is inexplicably heading off target. Belbin’s unique system of colour-coding tasks makes it easier for teams to understand the nature of their work, and how it contributes to their objectives.

Managers can learn how to identify different aspects of their team’s work by using different colours. Unproductive work is pink, structured tasks are blue, reactive tasks green, and other responsibilities are either yellow for decision-making, or orange for more complex work. By paying special attention to each ‘colour’, the team is better organised, able to complete its mission, make better use of time, and deliver more in terms of productivity and service. Suitable for both teams and their managers, Belbin’s team role theory provides proven techniques and a clear, structured approach, making it ideal for coursework and role-play.

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