Talking To The Team

How to run a team meeting

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A team briefing is a vital event in every organisation; it tells people what is happening and why. In order to exercise effective leadership, team leaders therefore need to know how to talk to their team. After all, people’s attitudes are heavily influenced by their immediate boss who needs to secure the team’s understanding, co-operation and support.

With its engaging plot and wide-ranging realistic scenarios to demonstrate that the lessons apply to all types of business, this programme is suitable for managers as well as group members, who will understand objectives and contribute to fulfilling them. It teaches three core lessons to make it clear that preparation is a major component in running a successful meeting. That means giving advance notice, forestalling interruptions and preparing notes.

But it doesn’t end there. Preparation becomes redundant if the host is unable to control the meeting by keeping to the point, to anticipate questions, or to support management decisions.

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