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The art of writing a good report

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A good report takes minutes to read, holds its value for months and can be made available globally to countless people within any organisation. It can also demonstrate the writer’s knowledge of the subject and quality of thinking.

This programme’s engaging and humorous plot sets out six memorable steps to successful report writing. By focusing on the objectives, organising points into related groups and using the four Ps (Position, Problem, Possibilities and Proposals) report authors will ensure their document forwards a constructive and compelling argument.

The clearly-defined structure shows how avoiding the use of jargon and keeping words, sentences and paragraphs short and simple, will contribute to a report’s overall effectiveness. Additionally, people will learn how to set out a report in a way that will encourage its recipients to read and respond to the content positively, so that great ideas that may otherwise have been overlooked stand a better chance of becoming reality.

Suitable for anyone at any level who may need to write a report, this programme promotes freedom of thought within an organised, structured, and easy-to-read framework.

E-Learning Modules

  • Trailer
  • Introduction
  • Define your objectives
  • Organise your information
  • Structure your argument
  • Make it readable
  • Make it look readable
  • Package your report
  • Summary
  • Knowledge check

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