Managing Problem People

Six case studies in leadership

Managing Problem People

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This comprehensive six-part set of programmes introduces typical problem people and shows inexperienced managers and team leaders how to deal with them to improve performance. It is an amusing and versatile resource, which can be used to complement or instigate all types of management and interpersonal skills training.

The following six programmes are available for purchase as a whole series or individual license:
Rulebound Reggie (12 mins) tells his manager that nothing can be done until the paperwork is in order. Encouraging Reggie’s sense of belonging makes him much more amenable.

Bigmouth Billy (16 mins) promises everything but does nothing until his boss helps him to plan an effective schedule and set realistic deadlines.

Moaning Minnie (19 mins) can give a thousand excuses why something can’t be done, but her manager quickly learns how to turn a whinger into a winner.

Wimpy Wendy (17 mins) needs constant reassurance before making decisions, but by consulting her and empowering her, her manager boosts Wendy’s confidence.

Lazy Linda (15 mins) gets away with murder. But by balancing quality and quantity, her manager brings her performance up to scratch.

Silent Sam (17 mins) knows his job backwards but just cannot communicate. Therefore he is given time to plan and encouragement to express himself.

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