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» I’ve completed an eLearning course, but the LMS advises it is still “In Progress”.

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» How do I register for an account on ON>DEMAND?

Your access to ON>DEMAND video learning is controlled by your employer. For advice on your access levels please contact your administrator or line manager.

» I cannot download any videos when using the Download Manager. I’m given an error code 1003/2031.

This issue indicates that the Download Manager program is not able to communicate with our servers – usually due to having no Internet connection on your computer, or because communication to our servers is blocked on your network.

You may need to get your IT department to allow our IP addresses through the firewall.

Please ask your IT team to add the below URLs to the network’s white-list:

Once the above addresses are allowed through the firewall you will be able to access the video content.

» I’ve completed a course, but the LMS advises it is still “In Progress”.

If you believe you’ve completed an activity but the course is not marked as “Passed”, there are a few basic checks through which you can go to resolve this.

    1. First of all, you should ensure that pop-ups are allowed from your LMS. If they’re not permitted to launch, the course will not be able to track what has been done and no progress will be recorded!
    2. Next, check that all sections of the course are complete. Completed pages are indicated with a green underline on the page numbers at the top of the page.

    1. If one or more of the numbers is not underlined, then one of the questions has not been answered. In our example above, we can see that page 3 is not underlined in green, so one of the questions has not been answered.
    2. By going back to page 3, we can go to the “Test yourself” section and have a look at the questions.

    1. Click the arrow in the top right corner of the “Test yourself” section to access the other questions. Now you can answer the remaining questions and click “Submit”.

    1. Now that we have submitted the answer for the other question(s), we will see the page number at the top of the page be highlighted in green.

    1. If a page is highlighted in red then you’ve answered one or more of the questions incorrectly, and you may need to re-do them.
    2. Once all questions are answered, you can close the course by closing the browser window. The tracking page will then send the information back to the LMS.

  1. Don’t close this window, or all the progress will be lost! Once it’s ready, the window will either advise you it’s safe to be closed or close itself automatically.
  2. Now that’s done, the course will be marked as “Passed” in the LMS.
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