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Performance Management

Cannes Award, 2015, Gold, Performance Review Code Red

Your line managers can turn every difficult review into a positive, productive experience.

The actors are – perhaps somewhat excessively – authentic. And this is what makes the film exceptional.


With our help, your line managers will learn the techniques required for effective performance reviews, even with the most difficult-to-manage staff, so they can turn every difficult appraisal into a positive, productive experience.



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How Am I Doing?

How Am I Doing?:

The perfect appraisal

Help managers run better appraisal meetings. This engaging drama addresses three classic management mistakes. The first manager never prepares or makes time; the second is too fond of the sound of their own voice; and the third is too uncomfortable to hint at any criticism, for fear of creating bad feeling.

Managing Performance Everyday:

People management skills

Show managers how to get the best out of people every day, not just following a review meeting. Meet David and Louise… David is laid back, lacks consistency and is unclear about what he expects as a manger. Louise is highly organised but does not involve her team.

The Importance of Praise

Performance Matters: The Importance Of Praise:

Improving staff performance

Praising is not a natural gift but a learnable skill. Done well it can be powerful, cheap and easy to use management tool. Managers that use praise effectively create more motivate and productive teams. John Cleese takes us through six easily-remembered rules.

The Need For Constructive Criticism

Performance Matters: The Need For Constructive Criticism:

Improving staff performance

Constructive criticism with John Cleese. Criticism is an essential part of a manager’s responsibilities but, done badly, it can make things worse. Here are seven rules for giving criticism effectively and without acrimony.

Every managers nightmare

Performance Review Preparation:

I'm too busy, you know... performing!?

Get the most out of your performance review.

Code Red

Performance Review: Code Red:

How to handle a difficult review

Suitable for all managers this memorable programme stars Sharon Horgan. It demonstrates key strategies to turn every difficult review into a positive, productive experience; for both manager and employee.

Every Appraisee's Dream

Performance Review: Every Appraisee’s Dream:

A new approach to appraisals

Performance Review encourages people to think about reviews in a new, more positive way. Every Appraisee’s Dream gives a full and vivid illustration of just what can be achieved from a successful review.

Every managers nightmare

Performance Review: Every Managers Nightmare:

Improving staff performance

Performance Review sets out to encourage individuals to think about reviews in a new, more positive way. This video and online course is aimed specifically at managers who know the importance of an employee’s performance review, but usually find them fairly painful to do.

Giving criticism

Giving Criticism:

Are you criticising me?

The right way, and wrong way, to criticise constructively.

Beyond the review meeting

Beyond The Review Meeting:

I can't, I'll be in Magaluf

Agree and review a plan of action.

Sharing praise

Sharing Praise:

Praise be!

Do it. Do it quickly. Don’t put a sting in the tail.

Making a performance diagnosis

Making A Performance Diagnosis:

Diagnosis Performance

Listen to evidence and agree on the diagnosis. Face up to problem areas.

Preparing for a review

Preparing For A Review:

Know your facts

Get all the information you need; like previous review notes, achievements against targets and job descriptions.


Our videos and e-learning courses come with handy infographics and workshop guides. Take a look at an example of one of the infographics from Performance Review: Code Red…

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