Climber’s Attitude

Dynamic risk assessment

Climber's Attitude

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On the face of it you would struggle to imagine a more dangerous sport than rock climbing.

The reality is somewhat different with far fewer accidents than you might think. In fact, rock climbing has a long established safety record that is based on sound systems and procedures, just as in the modern workplace.

Where we can perhaps learn most from rock climbers is their positive attitude towards safety and the part it plays in enabling them to enjoy their sport.

To do this, climbers have developed the use of a system of Dynamic Risk Assessments to help them cope with the ever changing risks they face, that make each climb and each set of hazards unique.

Used by others, such as the Fire Service, this approach enables workers to identify and assess potential hazards on an almost minute-by-minute basis, rather than relying solely on formal risk assessments.

We were inspired by this pragmatic and flexible approach to safety that allows climbers to enjoy their enthralling and challenging sport. We hope that you are too.

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