Health and Safety

Being alive is a dangerous business.

ROBERT WEBB ON Manual handling

Every day we literally get closer to the end of the world. How about this fun fact: any minute now, a solar superflare could engulf the earth in technology-destroying radiation, plunging us into a new dark age! Luckily, unlike the inevitable fiery destruction of our home planet, we can take action on health and safety. It’s all about taking care of the little things so they can’t come back to bite us later. Starring Robert Webb.

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Display Screen Equipment:

Workplace Essentials

Like many things that used to be considered safe but turned out to be dangerous – leaded petrol, glow in the dark paint or social media – display screens can have a big impact on human health. Set some time in the near future, this course introduces you to your friendly AI overlord as they as they advise us how we can keep the human species alive through healthy DSE use.

Manual Handling:

Life, Lifting and Lumbars

Being alive is a dangerous business. Every day we literally get closer to the end of the world. Lucky for you, you have made the choice to watch this survival guide on manual handling. So cross your eyes and keep your fingers peeled – it’s time for another lesson in survival. Starring Robert Webb.

Working at Height:

Being high isn’t always a good thing

Being high isn’t always a good thing. In fact an inevitable condition of being high is being low again. What goes up, must come down, and if you go from up to down really quickly? Well, thanks to physics, it’s going to get messy. Gravity + Complacency = Bad. We made this up, but it sounds pretty scientific.

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