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We’ve run video production workshops for the likes of House of Fraser, Greggs, MBDA, and GSK. Our most popular brief is to help delegates get started with their own video productions – learning production techniques like lighting, sound and camera to get a polished production.

Over one or two days participants get plenty of hands-on experience of a live shoot; creating their own film using the techniques they have learned.


Your hands-on video production workshop will give you some great tips and techniques on:

  • Pre-production Essentials: concept and treatment, preparing for your shoot (storyboard, treatment, shot list).
  • Production Techniques: using lighting, sound and camera (framing, close-ups and cutaways) to get a polished production.
  • Performance Tips: presenting in front of the camera and getting the most out of your ‘cast’.
  • Post-production Basics: an introduction to editing techniques.

Learn how to produce your own corporate videos. Get in touch for more information.

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