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New video resource shows how to review performance

Performance Review: Code Red, available on video and as an interactive e-learning course, highlights three fictional managers struggling to conduct performance reviews with difficult employees, until they are helped out by a mysterious expert who wipes each employee’s memory and tells each manager how to make their performance reviews more productive and motivating.

Designed to appeal to all levels of management, the fast-paced and entertaining resource uses humour, memorable characters and the classic Video Arts ‘wrong way, right way’ lesson structure to bring alive the learning points. It offers best practice guidance not only on how to conduct positive reviews that leave team members feeling valued and engaged but also on how to stay on track, even if the employee is disengaged, aggressive or prone to take minor criticisms personally.

too often, the experience is frustrating and unsatisfying for all concerned"

"Performance reviews are a core responsibility for any manager and, when they’re done well, motivation thrives, relationships flourish, talent develops and productivity is enhanced. But too often, the experience is frustrating and unsatisfying for all concerned and that can deflate your team and cause good people to leave. This brand new resource shows how every manager can get it right and conduct performance reviews that enhance the attitude, motivation and productivity of their team.” Martin Addison, CEO of Video Arts.

the golden rule in a performance review is ‘no surprises’"

Performance Review: Code Red highlights three types of performance reviews that most managers dread: Mild Maxine - the employee about to resign; Touchy Tracey - the employee who takes criticism personally and Aggressive Alan - the employee who takes control. It explains how managers should structure a performance review; how they can make employees feel at ease; how they should raise and tackle any deficiencies in an individual’s performance and how to agree a workable plan for the future. It emphasises that the golden rule in a performance review is ‘no surprises’ and it highlights the importance of praising the individual’s work and of not getting defensive or side-tracked into irrelevant arguments.

Performance Review: Code Red includes a course leader’s guide, with a suggested classroom agenda, exercises and a PowerPoint presentation. It contains 26 minutes of video content, featuring Sharon Horgan (Pulling), Jim Howick (Peep Show) and David Schaal (The Inbetweeners). 

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