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Keep the channels of communication open within your business.

Assert Yourself manages to be credible, useful and entertaining all at once.


People aren’t always going to get along, but they’ve got a better chance of being successful together if they can communicate with each other. These videos and courses keep the channels of communication open within your business.

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Assert Yourself:

Learning to be assertive

This entertaining programme looks at the advantages and disadvantages of submissive, aggressive and assertive behaviour. In a series of different situations the techniques of assertive behaviour are explained: get your inner dialogue right; and communicate with honesty and relevance.


Closing A Phone Call:

Hatching a plan

Agree next actions and follow up on them. Volunteer useful information. Establish what happens next.


Phone Greetings:

Faking the hold music

Put a smile in your voice. Introduce yourself. Is it convenient for the person to take the call?


Phone Skills:

A chickenless head

Control the call. Get caller’s name and use it. Make them feel connected. Ask open questions. Use active listening. Record and repeat information.

Assertive versus aggressive

Assertive Versus Aggressive:

You WILL listen to me!

Know the three types of behaviour: aggressive, submissive, assertive.


Preparing To Present:

But I hate talking to people!

Know who you’re talking to, and what you want to say.


Presentation Tips:

Now drink five espressos

Tailor the presentation to the needs of your audience.

Assertiveness Tips

Assertiveness Tips:

I'm just being honest!

Be Assertive. Be honest. Stick to the bottom line. Negotiate as equals.


Structuring A Presentation:

POP-ping your pants

Structure the presentation: Position, Options, Proposal.

Body language

Body Language:

This is my giant desk castle

DON’T: adopt ‘status’ positions behind desks; give aggressive eye contact; fold arms defensively; use closed hand gestures.

DO: use round tables; use postural ‘echo’; lean forward and nod; maintain friendly eye contact; use open hand gestures.


Email Etiquette:

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: emails

Turn off your mail alert and schedule specific times to check mail. Don’t leave everything in your in-box. Use subject lines properly to say what the message is about. Use  the out-of-office function so people don’t think you’re ignoring them.


Formatting A Report:

Short, sweet, persuasive

Use plain English. Make it look readable. Package it attractively.


Structuring A Report:

Nice and long - good

List the objectives. Organise key points. Structure the document.

Going To A Meeting: Part 2: Meeting Menaces:

Constructive and effective participation

Meeting menaces with John Cleese shows how to cope with colleagues whose behaviour prevents meetings from being productive.

Going to a Meeting Part 1

Going To A Meeting: Part 1: Messing Up A Meeting:

Constructive and effective participation

“A good investment for refreshing the managers of today and training those of the future.” – Training Magazine. Meetings With John Cleese. Essential viewing for anyone who attends meetings or needs to deal with awkward colleagues.

Inside information

Inside Information:

A silo-buster's guide to internal customer service

Internal communications with James Dreyfus. Break down silos and build productive working relationships with people from different departments. The video and e-learning course covers: what internal customer service is and why it is important, how to communicate with internal customers and meet their needs, and how to work together with a sense of trust and shared purpose.


Meetings, Show You Understand:

Are you listening?

Listen actively. Show empathy.


Meetings, Work To A Joint Solution:

I've got a great idea, My Idea!

Listen to everyone. Especially the quieter voices.


Planning Virtual Meetings:

Let's have a meeting!?

Inform everyone of the agenda. Put important items at the top and give them the time they need.


Running Virtual Meetings:

Hold the sausages

Provide evidence before interpretation & decisions. Stop people jumping to next stage or going over old ground. Summarise – record decisions and action points.

Meetings, Bloody Meetings:

How to make meetings more productive

Welcome to the latest Meetings Bloody Meetings production from Video Arts; where John Cleese returns as the Judge to demonstrate the rules for running a meeting to the hapless manager, Will Smith (The Thick Of It). Meetings Bloody Meetings will help yourlearners prepare, structure, manage and control effective face-to-face and online meetings.

Presentation is Everything

Presentation Is Everything:

Get your message across

Help your employees to structure and deliver effective presentations with Matthew Horne and Sally Philips. We’ve all sat through presentations that have left us shell-shocked, bored or baffled. A poorly delivered presentation can leave us feeling confused, and the presenter feeling dejected. This humorous programme looks at the fundamentals of good presentation skills: structure, slides and delivery.

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