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Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either.

Marshall McLuhan

Entertain your audience and something rather interesting happens: People remember what they’ve learnt. That’s why fun and humour have always played such a big part in our video and e-learning programmes.

we understand THE POWER OF VIDEO

Learning is often designed to fill learners with facts and information. This is great if you want to increase their understanding of a subject, but what if you actually need to change their behaviour? Simply put, video allows complex ideas about human behaviour to be put across in a short space of time. And  Video Arts gets the message across in a way that your learners won’t forget.

It all adds up to longer lasting learning.

Robert Webb and Sally Phillips

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Longer Lasting Learning

We use this structure with our videos and e-learning to make your learning last longer...



The Learning Index


Who’s using video for learning? Why, and how? The Video Arts Learning Index, based on our annual survey of L&D professionals, tells the stories from the world of L&D in 2017 and beyond.

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we invented the humorous training video

John Cleese co-founded Video Arts with Sir Antony Jay back in 1972. They saw the need for a learning recipe that would shake up the formal classroom experience and use entertainment to capture the imagination of participants. And so the humorous training film was invented.

Many things have changed in our films since then. The pace, the cinematography…the hairstyles! But, other things about our films haven’t changed at all. We still use a fusion of famous faces, humour and learning. Our approach sets out to: tell a compelling story, entertain, and get the viewers to identify with the characters.

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The current value of the contribution of soft skills to the UK economy is worth annually over £88 billion.

Backing Soft Skills


The current value of the contribution of soft skills to the UK economy is worth annually over £88 billion. Soft Skills underpin around 6.5% of the economy as a whole (source: Backing Soft Skills), but there is a deficit in these types of skills that impedes organisations’ ability to succeed. That’s where Video Arts comes in.

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People learn nothing when they’re asleep and very little when they’re bored.

John Cleese

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